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Top 7 Travel Tips For Flying To Hawaii

Posted on 14 July 2016 by Walt Carroll

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Hawaii is the furthest point on Earth away from another piece of land which makes it one of the more difficult and expensive places to get to, with few options. Here are a few tips to make at least the travel part a little better.

7) Look for connections through Honolulu- While it might look like another leg is being added to the trip, flights between the different islands are very short meaning you can save big bucks by travelling through Honolulu with little hassle.

6) Don’t bring fruit or plants, they won’t let them in – Because Hawaii is so far away from everywhere, they have things that are all their own and anything that doesn’t pass through agriculture is considered invasive.

5) Leave the dog/cat at home – There are no reported cases of rabies in Hawaii and that isn’t something the state is looking to change. Quarantine time for animals coming into the islands can last a month.

4) If travelling from the East Coast of the U.S., make an overnight stop in Las Vegas or California on the way – Hawaii is a long trip from the East Coast, over 12 hours from Miami and when you throw in a six-hour time difference for the better part of the year, stopping may help make the acclimation period easier.

3) Don’t pack too heavy on the dress clothes (Pack Light) – Most people that live in Hawaii wear shorts and a T-shirt all year round so most places people go accommodate that type of dress. Over dress and you will be the one out of place.

2) Hydrate – it’s a long flight no matter where you are coming from, don’t start your vacation dehydrated.

1) Noise Cancelling Headphones – No matter where you are coming from it is a long flight and whether it is trying to catch a nap or binge watching a TV series, these are well worth the money. 

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