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Don't Get Duped - Top 7 Tips On How Not To Get Robbed Or Drugged In Developing Countries

Posted on 17 April 2014 by Melinda
Don't Get Robbed

Best 7 Tips On How Not To Get Robbed Or Drugged In Developing Countries.

Don't be fooled by the cute culture.

I have traveled by myself in many developing countries, and I have put into practice the 7 tips below and firsthand know they work. These tips are for couples, people traveling solo, or in groups. A lot of the time you are exploring off the grid, so be safe and keep your wits about you.

7. Don’t Pick Fights: I realize that every time I travel abroad I’m a guest in another country. I have to play by their rules and the last thing I want is to be thrown in a foreign jail. Even if someone wants to pick a fight, always walk away. It’s never ever worth it.

6. There are 2 Types Of Fares: I once sat on a rice sack in the back of a truck in Vietnam, debating with the driver why I had to pay a higher price for the same trip as the local guy sitting opposite me. He looked at me, pointed, and said, “you foreigner, you pay foreigner price”. I argued and debated this wasn’t fair, and he said, “Then leave”. This was a hard concept to grasp, but I met someone that argued and they raised his truck fare. Know that there can be two sets of fares, which I call polite robbery.

5. Stash A Secret Belt Bag: Apart from the regular bag I would use, under my shirt I use the thinnest and smallest of fanny pack/belt bag/bum bags that would fit just below my waist. I use it to store my passport, some cash, and credit cards. I store my essentials, so for thieves on the watch they think I primarily have one bag.

4. Never Close The Door: When I go into a merchants shop, sometimes there will be door after door, and long passageways you have to walk through to get to the merchandise. I do what’s comfortable for me, but I always have my eye on the door or exit. Remember no one knows where you are.

3. On Sleeper Trains Book The Top Bed: By sleeping at a higher level, it makes it harder to steal from you and harder to drug you. Many foreign thieves place a drugged cloth under your nose while sleeping to knock you out. While this never happened to me, I have friends that have had that happen. Yep, very scary.

2. Carry A Padlock & Chain: There are many lightweight versions today, so don’t let the thought of carrying heavy metal scare you. This combo comes in handy for bus and train strips. Literally chain your bag to any bench or post. I know many a traveler that has taken an over night train, only to have their bags stolen from them, with the thief jumping off the train.

1. Don’t Take Food From Strangers: Its tempting when I’m hungry and my 8 hour bus trip just turned into a 16 hour trip. Even the cute local woman offering me some nuts or chips – I don’t take their food. In many parts of West or South Asia, this is the norm where women & children are used as bait to drug foreigners. 

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