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Raining NYC - Top 7 Things to Do When it Rains in New York City

Posted on 10 May 2014 by Shannon Moore

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Raining NYC

Raining in any city can dampen the mood. These 7 tips will keep you buzzing around.

Don't let the rain stop you from enjoying your trip.

Sometimes even the best laid plans get ruined, but that does not mean that the day has to be lost. When it is raining in New York City, there is still plenty to do. These are our top 7 picks for things to do on a rainy day in this great city.

7. Sony Wonder Technology Lab: Children of any age and even children at heart will enjoy the technological fascinations here. The best part is that you can play with them and explore them, too.

6. Bowlmor Lanes: Bowling is an excellent rainy day activity for any city, but this one means not having to miss out on a visit to Time Square. Plus, it has restaurants and lounges to enjoy.

5. Metropolitan Museum of Art: Art lovers will especially enjoy perusing the art museum and focusing on something other than soggy weather.

4. Ripley's Believe It or Not on Time Square: No need to put off that trip to Time Square because of the rain. Stop in and see the Ripley's Believe It or Not museum while there.

3. New York City Aquarium: It may be raining outside, but in here only the fish and other aquatic creatures need be wet. This place is especially fun for families to visit together.

2. The Brooklyn Children's Museum: There are many children's museums in the area to choose from, but this one is one that families enjoy visiting together.

1. The Manhattan Mall: When all else fails, use the rain as an excuse to hit the mall. Shop for all of those souvenirs and other things the heart may desire and forget about the rain outside.

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