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Packing For Travel: Top 7 Things To Never Pack In Your Luggage

Posted on 17 April 2014 by Pam Stevens

What To Never Put In Your Checked Luggage When Packing For A Trip

Things You Will Want To Carry With You When Traveling

Experience has shown that when traveling by airplane, there are certain items you should never pack in your checked baggage. Things can get lost, things can turn up missing. Some things you have no choice but to check but with these, no need to take the risk. 

7. All of Your Clothes
If your luggage is misdirected, you’ll be very happy to have a change of clothes in your carry-on bag. You might also want to pack your toothbrush, toothpaste and an extra pair of reading glasses.

6. Breakable Items
Baggage handlers are sometimes called “baggage throwers.” The people who quickly move your suitcases from the terminal to the aircraft don’t treat your luggage with the same care that you do.

5. Jewelry and Valuables
If your suitcase is lost and you submit a claim to the airline, you will be paid for the depreciated value of your possessions, up to a maximum of $3300. This includes designer sunglasses. 

4. Laptop and Electronics
Your electronics are valuable and fragile. Not only do they fit into categories 5 and 6 above but they are also usually pretty easy to just carry with you. 

3. Medications
It would be very difficult to get your prescription medications replaced quickly if your suitcase were lost. I would also include here prescription glasses and sunglasses. 

2. Cash and Credit Cards
All checked baggage is screened electronically. TSA agents randomly do a manual screening of checked bags. You don’t want to take a chance your suitcase containing cash and credit cards will be opened.

1. Identification, Passports, Boarding Passes and Essential Documents
All identification and travel-related papers should be in your carry-on bag. Important work-related documents can be placed in checked baggage in you place copies on a flash drive in your carry-on.

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