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Packing For a Trip: The Top 7 Things People Forget When They Travel

Posted on 6 May 2014 by Mitch Wilson

Things Most Commonly Forgotten at Home When Traveling

Usually very replaceable but just annoying to forget when traveling

We all forget things when we pack for a trip, heck, I even have a checklist and some things I don’t take out of my suitcase and I still forget things. While no matter where we are we can usually find what we are looking for (I have found a tuxedo shirt in a grocery store in Nevis), it’s a lot easier to remember them in the first place, here are things that people seem to forget.

7) Deodorant- Seems like an automatic but barring forgetting it again I have enough travel size I have needed to buy in a pinch to last me a few lifetimes worth of travel.

6) Cell Phone Charger-Most people have their cell phone joined to their hand or at least their hip but when it comes to chargers, we all leave it behind. When people come to visit this is the number one thing people leave behind that I have to mail back, most of the other stuff they say forget it.

5) Razor and shaving cream- I am not a fan of the disposable razor but I use them pretty often as it turns out, it’s because I usually shave before I leave and just don’t’ put it in my travel case which of course is right next to me on the counter.

4) A Belt-Of course I have my belt on when I put my pants on but the whole black belt, black shoes thing and brown and brown. If I am not wearing it, it’s 50-50 if I bring it or not.

3) Workout shorts or bathing suit in Winter Months-Oh cool, the hotel has a gym and an indoor pool, I am definitely going to use that. I have news for you, you will look pretty silly using either of these things with jeans on.

2) Enough T-Shirts-Everyone seems to always remember the dress clothes “just in case” but lets face it, if it vacation that means casual and for me that means t-shirts.

1) Toothbrush-What did you think it was going to be? Your ID that ask you for six times at the airport or the pants you were supposed to wear on the flight? Ask any hotel convenience store, they will confirm this one. 

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