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Las Vegas Packing Tips - Top 7 Items to Remember when Packing for Las Vegas

Posted on 21 April 2014 by Mike

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Top 7 Las Vegas Packing Tips.

Heading to Las Vegas can be so fun, but forgetting these 7 things can turn that smile upside down.

Getting ready to go to Las Vegas is always exciting but it can be stressful as well. Packing can be a fine line of not over packing but making sure you don't forget the Las Vegas essentials. With so much anticipation for an upcoming Las Vegas trip it can be easy to forget things, below is our Top 7 Las Vegas Packing Tips.

7. Phone Chargers - Nothing is worse than being without your smart phone in this large city. Trying to connect to friends or family without your cell phone can make your trip very trying. Extra tip is bring an auxiliary battery charger as your phone battery life goes fast in Las Vegas.

6. Favorite Hangover Remedy - Whether your hangover remedy is medicine, coffee, or energy drink it's important to have a plan. For me it's about 2 aleve and ton of water to re-hydrate. 

5. Sunscreen - Even if your not hanging out at the Las Vegas pool scene it's very important to apply sunscreen. Remember Vegas is a desert and even 30 minutes outside can produce some uncomfortable sun burns. 

4. Jacket or Sweatshirt - Even in summer it's vital to bring a jacket or sweatshirt to Las Vegas. The casino's are kept very cool and after being in the heat it feels even cooler. 

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3. Sunglasses - Lack of outside light inside the casino's can make your eyes extras sensitive when going outside. Favorite pair of sunglasses is hard to replace even with all the Las Vegas shops. 

2. Bathing Suits - Ton of shopping in Las Vegas but no one wants to be trying on bathing suits instead of living it up while in Vegas. Very easy to forget such an obvious Las Vegas necessity. 

1. Comfortable Shoes - Yes ladies it's great to have those sexy high heels but it's essential to have at least one pair of comfortable shoes. Highly suggest the comfort shoes to be tennis shoes but even a pair of comfortable sandals will work. 

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