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Get The Best Airline Seats - Top 7 Tips For Getting The Most Comfortable Airline Seats

Posted on 10 May 2014 by Juan Leon

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Tips for best airline seats

The Top 7 Tips For Scoring Comfy Airline Seats.

These tips will help your next trip be that much more comfortable.

When you ask most people what they hate the most about airlines, more than likely the response you will get is that the seats on an airplane are extremely uncomfortable. To save fuel, economy class seats are intentionally designed to be more uncomfortable so that you will be forced to pay a higher fare for comfortable seating. Here are the top seven tips for getting the most comfortable airline seats:

7. Reserve the window seat: When you reserve the window seat, you have more lean able surface area and you can rest against the molded plastic of the plane’s interior instead of the stranger sitting next to you.

6. Bring a travel pillow: Your comfort level will definitely increase with a comfy pillow that will help you take in-flight nap.

5. Try to get a better seat for free: As soon as possible, politely ask the gate agent if you can change your seat for one the bulkhead or exit row since these seats tend to have more legroom.

4. Avoid regional jets: Since these jets are much smaller in terms of length and width, it can be a really tight squeeze when taking a flight on one of the smaller planes.

3. Wear loose fitting clothing: If you are wearing tight clothing, then you can expect to be uncomfortable. You can spare yourself any additional pain by wearing breathable clothing that is loose fitting.

2. Know which planes have the most space: Airbus planes tend to have more legroom however it all depends on the configuration. You can research online to find out information on a specific jet and how much legroom it has.

1. Choose an airline offering the most legroom: Most airlines only offer between 32 and 33 inches of legroom. If you can find an airline that offers more legroom for the right price, then by all means go for it.

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