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Flying Coach vs. First Class: Top 7 Differences between First Class and Coach

Posted on 24 April 2014 by Park Rodgers

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Deciding Between First Class and Coach: Is it Worth It?

Many Airlines Offer Upgrades to First Class While Checking In.

Booking airline tickets can be a difficult task as you attempt to find the best prices and the right flight times. But what about your choice between first class and coach? Our list of the top 7 differences between first class and coach can help you make the right choice.

7. In-Flight Meals. There was once a time when in-flight meals were included with all tickets for flights over meal times. Today, airlines have cut back. They may still offer meals for sale in the coach section, but most first-class flights still include meals.

6. Drinks. Coach passengers typically receive a soda, juice or water for a drink during the course of the flight. However, first class passengers are often offered a complementary alcoholic drink as well.

5. Complementary Entertainment. In coach, passengers must either entertain themselves or purchase headphones to listen to music or watch the in-flight movie. On the other hand, first class passengers often receive complementary headphones to help them relax on the flight.

4. More Space. Many airlines position as many seats as possible across the plane, typically 5-7 seats in most airplanes. The first class section doesn't typically use the same seating plan. This section of the plane typically only uses four seats across and fewer rows, leaving plenty of room to stretch out.

3. More Comfortable Seating. There's nothing wrong with the seats in coach. However, the seating in first class is often made of softer material with more padding, giving you a more comfortable ride, which is ideal for longer flights.

2. Board the Plane First. First class passengers are often the first to board and the first to get off the plane. While this is a great perk, it isn't always a must-have for some passengers.

1. Cost. One of the biggest differences between first class and coach is the cost. This is often the deciding factor for many passengers. However, as you consider the price, think about all the extras you will receive and whether it is worth it to you.

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