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Family Vacations: Top 7 Signs You Are at a Tourist Trap

Posted on 6 May 2014 by Park Rodgers

Seven Ways To Know For Sure You Are at a Tourist Trap

Sometimes you can't avoid the tourist trap..especially if you are a tourist. 

Sometimes when we travel we end up at a tourist trap, you know, that place where everything seems just “too” contrived and too perfect. Usually the tourist trap has few options as far as food or entertainment or whatever and before you know it you are paying $9 for a 12 ounce bottled water. Here are some of the tell tale signs you are headed into or are at a tourist trap.

7) They take your picture before you even walk in- This usually happens at an amusement park but it happens at places like the Empire State Building as well where a photographer seems to be taking a picture of every person and family that enters the place. Of course they then sell you these photos on the way out. I’ll admit it, sometimes these pictures are pretty good but most of the time the selfies and just generic candid and impromptu pictures with your cell phone are a lot more fun and a lot more memorable.

6) No Outside Food Or Beverage – Why would you want to bring in that healthy and delicious banana or orange when you can buy that 12 dollar hot dog inside?

5) A line Cutting Promotion-This is a recent development in the past 10 years or so where you can purchase upgrade plans to not have to wait in ridiculously long lines. I admit, I pay it but that doesn’t mean I don’t think the lines are intentionally long so they can squeeze a few extra bucks out of people like me who would rather pay than wait in line. Which leads us into..

4) A Membership Option- Whomever thought of this one was a genius. The way it works is that the prices of tickets for a family of four is just slightly less than a membership which gives the same four people unlimited access to re-entry as well as discounts on food or at the gift shop. Of course they now also have all of your info so they can hit you up for a renewal next year whether you are using it or not.

3) Junk Food Only – Who doesn’t love the small of roasting peanuts or fresh popped popcorn? Of course throw in ice cream, pretzels, candy and corn dogs and it’s all good but more than likely they have a captive audience and they aren’t going to let you forget it.

2) A Long List of Posted rules- You see these and you don’t have to think twice, it is a tourist trap. My personal favorite: No Horseplay.

1) Gift Shops Everywhere- All rides end at or near a gift shop, I mean that’s how you know it is over in the first place. All tours, walks and exits are all through the gift shop too. If you are even remotely in the market, they are going to give you every opportunity to buy. 

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