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Family Travel Tips - Top 7 Tips for Flying with Kids

Posted on 13 April 2014 by Mary

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The Top 7 Tips when Flying with Kids.

Make your next family vacation better by following these family vacation tips.

Flying with children is something not looked forward to by any parent. However, there are ways to minimize the troubles that come with doing so, so do not forego a family trip for fear of flying with kids. Try these tips when traveling through airports with kids.

7. Systematic entrances and exits. Always form a line when walking. dad first, kids middle, mom last. This ensures that no one gets left behind and one group can wait for the other if separated.

6. Wear bright colored clothing. Bright clothing helps to make people stand out in a crowd. It may even help to have everyone in the family wear the same bright color to be easily spotted if separated.

5. Send dad through security first. Sending dad through security first, along with valuables prevents things from getting stolen. Then send the kids through safely so that they aren’t left alone, followed by mom.

4. Use gum. Gum for takeoff and landing helps to prevent crankiness later for both adults and children alike. It helps to pop the ears for pressure difference.

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3. Purchase shampoo after landing. Buying hygiene necessities at the destination simplifies what needs to be kept track of while traveling. Also, no need to deal with bottles exploding or leaking under pressure.

2. Use only carry on luggage. No suitcases mean nothing can get lost or misplaced by the airline and no time waiting at the baggage claim. Each person should be responsible for their own carry on bag.

1. Book tickets online and get them in the same row. This is the number one tip for traveling with kids. If tickets in the same row cannot be gained, politely ask people to trade seats so that the entire family can sit together.

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