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Booking A Cruise - Top 7 Tips for Booking A Cruise

Posted on 13 May 2014 by Shannon Moore

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Tips On Booking A Cruise

The Top 7 Tips for Booking A Cruise.

Make booking a cruise an easy and effortless task, especially with these 7 tips.

Taking a cruise is on the bucket list for many people. Cruises are also popular honeymoon activities. But, whether it be just a vacation or for a special occasion, there are a few things to keep in mind when booking a cruise that will make your cruise and the process of planning one a lot more easy. These are our top 7 tips for booking a cruise.

7. Consider time of year: Consider the time of year to go on the cruise. As with any popular vacation, there are off season times, which tend to be cheaper than mid-season prices.

6. Consider added value promotions: Some cruise packages offer discounts for purchasing added value promotions such as included meals or entertainment.

5. Check out balk order options: If planning to travel in a large group, check for balk order options. Discounts are often offered for purchasing large numbers of tickets at once.

4. Stick to your budget on board: Plan you budget ahead of time for booking and all other expenses, too. Stick to that budget while on board or visiting ashore points along the way.

3. Book at the last minute: Booking tickets at the last minute usually means that the best deals can be acquired when bidding on ticket prices.

2. Book online: Book tickets online, especially if not using a travel agent. This simplifies the process some and makes it easier to compare prices and rates of competition.

1. Use a travel agent: Whenever possible, always use a travel agent. They are skilled at getting the best possible deals, and if they mess up, you have someone to go back to for a refund or rein check.

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