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Where To Stay In Atlanta - Top 7 Hotels In Atlanta

Posted on 27 June 2018 by Kent

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Sheraton Atlanta

Atlanta is a gem of a city and definitely a place you are going to fall in love with. What is really great about this is the fact the city has some great hotels to stay in as well, some of them are newer, but almost all of them have been updated to be amazing. With this being the case, we are going to cover the top 7 hotels in Atlanta for you to enjoy.

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  • 7. Stonehurst Place @StonehurstPlace -

    Stonehurst Place is a great location that will provide you with a lot of the comforts you have come to expect. The place has a lot of the options you would want to have as well and this is going to hold true for this of being an amazing bed and breakfast.

  • 6. Hotel Clermont @hotelclermont -

    If you like boutique hotels that have a lot of the comforts you want to have without the hassle of a larger hotel you will find this is a great place to stay. What else is amazing about this location is the extremely friendly staff.

  • 5. Grand Hyatt Atlanta In Buckhead @GrandHyattAtlanta -

    A great location with the amazing comforts you want to have is going to be what you find at the Grand Hyatt Atlanta. This is a place that has some of the best things for you to enjoy and a lot of comforts you need to have to make your trip enjoyable in Atlanta.

  • 4. Loews Atlanta Hotel @LoewsAtlanta -

    The Loews Atlanta is a place that has quality that is second to none, but it also has some great rooms to enjoy. I have to say the location is nice as well and does provide you with some amazing views of the city. 

  • 3. Omni Atlanta Hotel at CNN Center @Omni-Atlanta-Hotel-at-CNN-Center -

    If you want to stay in a world class facility that has some of the best amenities you can find ever, you will love this place. It has everything you would want to have and with the easy access to downtown it is a place you will fall in love with. 

  • 2. W Atlanta Downtown @watldowntown -

    Do you want some sleek and modern rooms to stay in? If you do then you will want to check out W Atlanta. This is a place that has some great rooms and the modern comforts that everyone is going to love having here. Overall, this place is simply amazing.

  • 1. Sheraton Atlanta Downtown @SheratonAtlanta -

    When you are trying to find a no frills location then you will want to check out the Sheraton. This is a place you are going to love because of the beauty you have here and the amazing ease to downtown. Overall, a great place and the pool is amazing.

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