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Traveling With Kids - Top 7 Kid Friendly Attractions In Phoenix

Posted on 29 April 2018 by Shannon

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Hall of Flame

Phoenix is a beautiful city and definitely one you are going to enjoy because it has plenty to do and see. However, what you will find amazing about this place is the fact this has plenty of things for you to do with your kids. Since that is the case, we decided it was time to share with you what we feel are the top 7 kid friendly attractions in Phoenix.

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  • 7. Arizona Science Center @arizonasciencecenter -

    When you are at the science center you will find that it has plenty for you to do and see. The place has a ton of interactive exhibits you are going to want to enjoy as both an adult or a kid.

  • 6. Musical Instrument Museum @mimphx -

    Have you wanted to explore musical instruments from all over the world? Did you want to get a chance to play these instruments? If you answered yes to either one of these questions then you need to check out this museum here as it is going to allow you to do both of these things. 

  • 5. Children's Museum of Phoenix @childrensmuseumofphoenix -

    You can only imagine a top 7 list for kids without the children's museum being noted. This museum is one that you are going to love with the kids and know they are going to really enjoy the exhibits that are geared towards the kids

  • 4. Hall of Flame Museum of Firefighting @Hall-of-Flame-Firefighting-Museum -

    Phoenix used to have one of the best masterminds in firefighting in Alan Brunacini. However, what you will love is the firefighting museum in Phoenix is going to be dedicated to all the different firefighting history that the world has seen and allows the kids to enjoy seeing something they may never get to see up close.

  • 3. Wildlife World Zoo @WWZAq -

    Are you wanting to take your kids to a place they are sure to love and will enjoy seeing animals in as well? If you are then make sure you check out Wildlife World Zoo. This place is simply amazing and definitely will give you all the attractions you would like to see in regards to animals. 

  • 2. Pioneer Living History Village @PioneerAZweddingsandevents -

    Taking a step back in time is going to be a lot of fun. However, what you will find amazing is the fact this place is set up like it was when settlements were going on here. The place has a great history and definitely has a great learning lessons for the kids. 

  • 1. Wet N Wild Phoenix @wetnwildphx -

    Kids love water and in Phoenix you are sure going to need to have the water to stay cool in. However, what you will find amazing is this place is one of those you could easily fall in love with because of the beautiful pools you can enjoy with the family.

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