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Traveling with Kids - Top 7 Kid Friendly Attractions In Dallas

Posted on 28 May 2018 by Tony

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Dallas Zoo

Traveling as a family is a great thing to do, but if you have kids you know that you have to do things that they are going to like to do. That often means finding out the kid friendly attractions in the destination before you arrive. Since that is the case I have ranked what I feel are the top 7 kid friendly attractions in Dallas.

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  • 7. Klyde Warren Park @KlydeWarrenParkDallas -

    This is a massive park that covers just over five acres in the middle of Dallas. The park is one that is safe and going to have some of the best attractions for you to see in a park. The kids are going to love the amazing playground the park offers. 

  • 6. Dallas Segway Tours -

    This will work out great if your kids are older. They will like the fact they are going to be able to hop on a Segway and get to explore Dallas with other people, but do it all from the comfort of a Segway. If you have younger kids this may not work out very well for you.

  • 5. Epic Waters Indoor Water Park @EpicWatersGP -

    What kid does not like to go swimming? What about if the weather is not the nicest outside or it is very hot? You will want to take your kids to Epic Waters Indoor Water Park that is a great place for you to take your kids and know they can finally have fun swimming in the great big pools. 

  • 4. Perot Museum of Science and Nature @Perot-Museum-of-Nature-and-Science -

    Kids like to learn about and enjoy nature. That is what they will get when they visit this location. It is one place that the kids will be able to learn and even interact with some of the exhibits which will make it easier for the kids to have a great time because they are interacting.

  • 3. Dallas World Aquarium @DallasWorldAquarium -

    When you are looking for something to do that will keep you indoors, then you will like the Dallas World Aquarium. This is a place that is simply amazing and will allow you to explore the sea life that you never imagined you would be able to see before and not to mention kids tend to love watching fish swim.

  • 2. River Ranch @RiverRanchTHP -

    This is a place that everyone is going to enjoy. You get to get outside with the horses and see parts of Texas you may have missed seeing before. A wide variety of activities are offered here and that makes this one of those must see stops. 

  • 1. Dallas Zoo @DallasZoo -

    The Dallas Zoo is one location, like almost every zoo that is extremely kid friendly. It is a place that you will fall in love with, but also know that it is going to let you enjoy the area and see the animals you may have never been able to see before.

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