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Travel Cheap - Top 7 Least Expensive Places to Travel

Posted on 6 June 2014 by Adam

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Travel Cheap as we give you some great ideas to get away and save money.

Got the travel bug but not the bucks to spring for a swanky sojourn? Fortunately, there are plenty of inexpensive but worthwhile vacation destinations within the borders of the U.S. Following are seven ideas for summer getaways that you won't have to scrimp and save for months to be able to afford.

7. Albuquerque, New Mexico - With a fabulous Southwestern ambiance, Albuquerque offers outdoor activities, festivals featuring indigenous culture, art galleries, and many reasonably priced dining and shopping options.

6. Portland, Oregon - A nature-lover's paradise, Portland offers many low-cost entertainment and lodging options. Coffee shops and microbreweries are everywhere, and most have free live music on a regular basis. Hostels are also plentiful.

5. Providence, Rhode Island - Those who want to do the East Coast on a budget should head to Providence. This city offers East Coast amenities such as fabulous dining and entertainment at down-home prices.

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4. Savannah, Georgia - History buffs love the old-school charm of Savannah as well as appreciate the city's old-fashioned prices. It's historic downtown has an open container law that allows pedestrians to stroll about the historic district while sipping cocktails, wine, and beer.

3. Salt Lake City, Utah - For a clean, family-friendly destination, you can't beat Salt Lake City. Outdoor activities abound, and you'll be able to access substantial savings by checking out the discounts on the city's tourism board page for discount offers.

2. Nashville, Tennessee - A natural destination for music lovers, Nashville also boasts a stellar local food scene at inexpensive prices.

1. San Juan, Puerto Rico - Travelers frequently believe that a tropical vacation is beyond their means, but recent airline competition has resulted in sweet deals on flight to San Juan.

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