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Top 7 Wings In Las Vegas for 2018

Posted on 27 February 2018 by Mike

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Guy Fieris Vegas Kitchen

Las Vegas is a city of magic and majesty. However, this often means it will be a city that has some amazing food for you to try. Now, I know this is the case and one of my favorite foods to grab when the game is on the television is a basket of wings. What wing place is the best in Vegas though? Well, you can rest easier as I have went out and watched a lot of games recently and ranked the top 7 wing places in Las Vegas for 2018. 

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  • 7. The Chicken Shack @TheChickenShack -

    Any place with the word chicken in the name better know how to make chicken. At the Chicken Shack they know what they are doing and this makes it quite a bit easier for you to have a great time at the location. I have admit no matter which wing you pick out it is sure to taste good.

  • 6. Lagasse's Stadium @lagassesstaidum -

    Lagasse's is a great place you are going to love because it has some great seating and amazing atmosphere to enjoy as well. This place is definitely a great one to go to and this will make it easier for you to enjoy the place. I have to say I love the wings with the stadium style seating to make it easier to see everything that is going on.

  • 5. Balboa Pizza @balboapizza -

    This is a pizza place, yes, but you will find they have some great wings as well. I do not know why but pizza places tend to have some great wings. I have to say that when you are here you will want to try the wings because they are above the pizza quality I think.

  • 4. Diablos Cantina @montecarlovegas -

    Diablos Cantina is not known for  a lot, but it does have a nice atmosphere. However, what is really great about this place is the wings. You will love the hot wings just be warned when they say they are hot they mean it! 

  • 3. Yard House @YardHouse -

    Yard House is a place that will remind you of everything but your yard. The food you get from here is out of this world good and the wings are going to match the atmosphere perfectly as well as they are both out of this world good. The buffalo wings cannot be matched here.

  • 2. Wingstop @wingstop -

    Wingstop is one of those places that I feel is a go to restaurant. The place has some good food and definitely is among the tops in the city for wings. I really love the boneless wings they have on the menu here. 

  • 1. Guy Fieri's Vegas Kitchen and Bar @Guy-Fieris-Vegas-Kitchen-Bar -

    If you want to have some great food then you will want to check out Guy Fieri's Vegas Kitchen & Bar. This place is one that has some great flavor profiles and it definitely has some explosion of taste in your mouth. No matter what you will want to try the wings that are here as they match the personality of Guy himself. 

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