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Outdoor Adventure - Top 7 US Outdoor Adventure Sports

Posted on 25 April 2014 by Mary Brown

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Outdoor Adventure

The Best Outdoor Adventure In The US.

Get your thrill on with these top seven destinations.

Are you looking for a vacation getaway where you can enjoy the great outdoors and become one with nature? Our list of the top seven outdoor vacation spots will take you off the grid and bring out the explorer in you! Whether you like hiking, canoeing, or horseback riding, we've got it all included here.

7. Wind River Range; Wyoming: Forget about driving a car because people at this location prefer to ride on horseback. Enjoy amazing scenery while staying in a comfortable lodge that overlooks a gorgeous lake in the Rocky Mountains.

6. Boundary Waters; Minnesota: If you're a fan of lakes, this location offers 40,000 acres of navigable waters and is considered one of the most beautiful lake areas in the country. Do not forget your fishing pole.

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5. North Woods, Ossipee River; Maine: Visit this canoe lover’s paradise which offers a seven mile river course that the entire family can enjoy.

4. Mendenhall Glacier, Juneau; Alaska: If you're trying to get away from it all, the only way to access this location is by ferry or plain. Trails are maintained around the glacier which provides extremely breathtaking scenery.

3. El Capitan; California: Also known as “El Cap”, rock climbers head to this location in Yosemite National Park to climb this 3000 foot vertical rock formation.

2. Appalachian Trail: This trail so long that it would take five months to hike its 2160 mile length from north to south. Spanning fourteen states, visitors there also take the opportunity to visit the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

1. Grand Canyon; Arizona: one of the most famous outdoor locations in the US, there is a ton of outdoor activity available to include camping, hiking, white-water rafting, geological exploring, and so much more!

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