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Posted on 6 May 2017 by Carrie

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Founding Fathers Tour

Philadelphia is a historic city and one that a lot of people will fall in love with. The problem is they may want to take a tour to get the most out of the city. This is when people turn to the Internet to find the top 7 tours in Philadelphia. 

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  • 7. Philadelphia Pub Crawl -

    This is a great tour that you will love. The pub crawl does exactly what you would think it does. It takes you along the pubs that are present in Philadelphia and this makes it easier for you to experience the nightlife in Philly without the headache of making a mistake on where you should be going.

  • 6. Haunted Philadelphia -

    Just like all older cities Philadelphia has a haunted past as well. The city has a great past and it is a haunting one as well. This is a city that you are going to love because of the haunted history that is present and the way the city has grown into the powerhouse that it is for America. 

  • 5. Dark Philly Adult Night Tour -

    History and the dark side of Philadelphia is going to be seen here. This is a great tour that will take you along the dark side of Philadelphia. You will hear tales of pirates, see where the nation started and explore everything that you never thought would happen in Philadelphia. 

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  • 2. South Philly Culture Tour -

    Learning about the culture of a location is a great way to know more about the people and the city. When you take this tour it makes it very easy for you to have a great trip and see things that you normally would have missed out on because of the location of the tour. 

  • 1. Founding Fathers Tour -

    Have you ever been curious about history and how the country started? If you have then the Founding Fathers Tour is the one that you will want to take. This tour will take you along the paths the founding fathers would have taken, but also takes you into the buildings they stayed at and used for office.

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