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Posted on 9 March 2017 by Beth

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Orlando Airboat Tours

Taking a tour in Orlando may seem a little odd with all the amusement parks that are  around. However, if you do not want to go into the amusement park scenes and learn more about the city and the area then a tour is the way to go. With that being the case, we have rated the top 7 tours in Orlando. 

If you want to learn more about Orlando, make sure you check out our Orlando travel page. 

  • 7. Downtown Orlando Tours @DTOTours -

    Want to explore Orlando as a region and not just the theme parks, but don't want to get out into nature? Then you will like the Downtown Orlando Tours. This is a tour that offers 4 different things for you to select from, but all the tours are very educational and helpful for getting your trip to Orlando completed. 

  • 6. International Heli Tours Orlando @OrlandoHeliTour -

    Have you ever imagined how expansive some of the places that you have walked really are? Well, the best way to tell is by viewing them from the air. That is what you get to do with the International Heli Tours. These tours are a great way to get to see Orlando from the air and know you will be able to see the place like never before. 

  • 5. Florida Dolphin Tours @FDT_Orlando -

    Have you seen people going out and swimming with the dolphins and wanted to do that? If you have then this trip is for you. This is a tour that will take you out into the dolphins home and and makes it easier for you to swim with them and enjoy the beauty that is seen with the dolphins. 

  • 4. Adventures In Florida @adventuresinfl -

    When you want to get close to nature an airboat, which won the top prize is nice, but if you want the quiet then you will enjoy the Adventures in Florida. This is a great trip because you get close to nature as you are going to be using a canoe or a kayak and even have different options on where you can go to. 

  • 3. American Ghost Adventures @AGACrew -

    Ghost tours may seem like they are more for Savannah and New Orleans, but Orlando with all the native settlements in the area is reportedly haunted as well. With this tour an adventure you will have a chance to explore the haunted areas of Orlando and learn about the history of the region and the ghost that are in the area. 

  • 2. Celebrate Food Tours @celebratefood1 -

    Orlando is not really know for having a lot of different food options, but it really does. You just have to find the locations to know you are getting some great food. When you are on the Celebrate Food Tours, you will finally get some of the best food possible and know you are seeing a new side of Orlando you never imagined before. 

  • 1. Orlando Airboat Tours @OrlandoEcoTour -

    Orlando is a city that is in the middle of the marshes, but what is nice is this means their is plenty of eco tourism. That is where you get out and experience nature where it happens. These tours are on different sized boats and led by captains that are familiar with the area, but also trained by the United States Coast Guard. 

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