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Top 7 Tours In Los Angeles

Posted on 24 February 2018 by Jose

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Warner Brothers Studio

Los Angeles is a large city and it is definitely one that has plenty for you to see and do. This is what makes it a challenge to figure out what you can and should be doing when you are in the city. That is why you will love some of the tours that are available in the city to take. That is why I have ranked what I feel are the top 7 tours in Los Angeles to take.

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  • 7. Ghost Tours -

    Ghost may not seem like it is going to be a common thing in Los Angeles since the city is fairly new in the modern world. However, the ghost tours you can take will definitely prove to be the difference for a skeptic and a believer. 

  • 6. Red Line Behind The Scenes Tour -

    This tour is simply a great one that you are going to love because you have a chance to hear the tour guide with the headset. Not to mention the headsets are a live feed, not one that is recorded and has distance so you can wonder off a short ways to get pictures snapped.

  • 5. Food Tours -

    Los Angeles is known for having some amazing restaurants and you will want to try to sample each one. With this tour you have a chance to see the food up close and have a chance to taste some of the amazing food you have seen on television.

  • 4. Downtown LA Walking Tours -

    These tours are going to take you around the downtown area and allow you to have a great time exploring Los Angeles. What is really great is this tour is going to make it easier for you to have a great time and see the history for the gem it really is.

  • 3. LA Arts Tours -

    The arts scene is definitely a live and well in Los Angeles. However, what you will find is this is going to be a great way to see the art that is not included in the museums because the tours are going to take you to a wide range of places.

  • 2. Tour A Modern Retreat -

    These retreats are a great way to see the city and find a place to go and relax. However, before you go you should take some of the tours they offer to find out which one of the zen style retreats will work best for you. 

  • 1. Warner Bros Studio Tour -

    If you ever wanted to see where the movies are made or see some of the classic sets then this tour is for you. This tour is great and definitely one you are going to love because it has tours of everything you would want to see and explore in the movie industry. 

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