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Posted on 20 March 2017 by Roger

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Sam Houston Boat Tours

Houston is a great city to visit because of the history of the town. However, if you are going to use a self guided tour you can miss out on some of the little nuances of the town. To avoid this problem, we have ranked the top 7 tours in Houston for you to use. 

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  • 7. Houston Hop-On & Off Tour -

    Getting to see the city and get from place to place is a great thing. The Hop-On & Off Tour bus is great for that as you have a chance to see the city from the bus, but also hop off when you need to. Great way to experience the city and see the area without having to deal with the headache of driving yourself. 

  • 6. Downtown Historical Tour @BayouCityBikeTours -

    This is a bike tour as well from the same company. However, this is a great way to avoid all the headaches of having to drive your vehicle around town and find a parking space. Not to mention you will learn a lot of history about the city of Houston and the downtown region all from the comfort of a bike. 

  • 5. Buffalo Bayou Park Tour @BayouCityBikeTours -

    This is a bike tour, but it is one that you are going to love because it gets you out in the city on a bike. The biking is great exercise and when you are being led around by your guide you can actually hear and feel the culture of the city. This is a tour that will take you around the different architecture and other aspects of the city that you may have ignored before. 

  • 4. Historic Downtown Pub Crawl @HoustonUA -

    You would not think about Houston being a place for pubs, but it has a large number of quality pubs for you to visit. What makes the difference on which ones you should go to though? Well, the pub crawl tour will help you out as it guides you around the best pubs in Houston. 

  • 3. Houston We Have A Tunnel @HoustonUA -

    This is a tour that is going to take a step back in time. Most people know that Houston is the space race capital, but most do not realize the history that built this city. With this tour you take a step back in time to the 1920's as you go down into the tunnels that are under the city. Great way to get out of the Texas heat for sure! 

  • 2. Spring Ghost Tour @originaloldtownspringghosttours -

    Ghost stories make up the history of every city across the world. However, in Houston you will want to take the Spring Ghost Tour to learn about these ghost and where they are supposedly located. A great tour of what is the 6th most haunted Wild West Town that will leave you with more than just a lesson on the history of the city and the legendary ghost. 

  • 1. Sam Houston Boat Tour @Port_Houston -

    Taking a tour of a harbor is always fun, but what is really nice is when the tour comes from the water! That is exactly what you are going to get with the Sam Houston Boat Tour. A tour of Houston Harbor, but from the tour boat, instead of a tour guide telling you about it on land. 

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