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Top 7 Things To Do In Philadelphia

Posted on 11 February 2018 by Carrie

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Franklin Park

Philadelphia is the city of Brotherly Love and it is easy to see why when you see just how friendly the people are. The best part is to make sure you know about the attractions you are going to want to see that are lower in cost. This is why I have went out and ranked the top 7 things to do in Philadelphia. 

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  • 7. Run Up The Rocky Steps -

    Almost everyone has seen the iconic Rocky movies. What is better is when you are in Philadelphia you have a chance to run up the same steps that Rocky ran up. So it is a great time to go out and run on these same steps. 

  • 6. Yards Brewing Company -

    If you are interested in beer and the brewing process this is a place for you! The place has tours and has a fantastic following and staff that will teach you a lot, but also give you quite the education. 

  • 5. United States Mint -

    The mint is in Philadelphia and it is one of those places that will teach you quite a bit about the money you put in your pocket. The tour is self guided, but it is very educational and will teach you quite a bit about the money and the processes used to make it. 

  • 4. Liberty Bell -

    The Liberty Bell is one of those items you often read about and think you will never get a chance to see. However, this is far from the case as you will find the Liberty Bell is a great item to go and see. 

  • 3. Visit Independence Hall -

    You may want to see the place that the great country you call home was started in. That would mean taking a trip to Independence Hall. This place is simply amazing and definitely will provide you with an education you never imagined before. 

  • 2. Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site -

    Poe was a great writer and is one that a lot of people remember for all of his works. However, what you need to realize is this is a great place to go and reflect on his life and works. 

  • 1. Franklin Square -

    You may end up thinking this is going to be very boring, but you need to realize this is not the case. Franklin Square always seems to have something going on and that is going to be something you need to keep in mind because it is great for everyone in the family. 

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