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Top 7 Things To Do In Orlando

Posted on 20 August 2017 by Beth

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Mickey and Minnie

Orlando is full of theme parks and great things to do with the family. However, it is also a place that has some fantastic things that you can do outside of the theme parks, yes they made our list, but you will want to know about some of the great things to do in Orlando. That is why we have ranked the top 7 things to do in Orlando. 

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  • 7. Shopping -

    This is a dream location if you want to go shopping. You will find plenty of places for you to go shopping and get everything you want, but also have a chance to get all of the items you could imagine even the unique stores that you never thought you would find. 

  • 6. Natural Parks -

    Now this is not the theme parks, but it is parks that have been set up by the city and county to keep the natural beauty of Orlando intact. These parks are beautiful and definitely a place for you to explore and in most cases a fantastic place for you to go and bring a picnic lunch to. 

  • 5. Tour A Museum -

    You may think the Orlando Theme Park zone would discount the educational aspect of the city. However, this is not true as you will find the city has plenty of wonderful museums to take tours of. These are going to provide you with a wide range of educational opportunities and definitely something to take advantage of.

  • 4. The Beaches -

    No Florida vacation is complete without visiting the beaches at least once. However, what you will find in Orlando is the beaches are going to be nice because they are typically surrounded by some of the most exotic resorts that Florida has to offer, outside of Miami. 

  • 3. Dinner Theaters -

    Dinner is something that we all have to get at some point in time. However, what you need to realize is sometimes being entertained while eating is a good thing. That is exactly what you are going to get when you look at the dinner theaters that are in Orlando, our favorite is the Medieval Themed Dinner Theater.

  • 2. Airboat Tours -

    With the presence of all the swamps that are in the area, you will love the fact that you have plenty of times to go to tours of the swamps. These generally will take place using airboat tours of the swamp.

  • 1. Theme Parks -

    I told you that theme parks would be in the list and they rank number 1. Yes, you have plenty of options to pick from, but Orlando is often called the theme park capital of the world. Once you see how many of the parks are in the city it is easy to see why theme parks made our list. 

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