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Top 7 Sushi Bars - Seattle

Posted on 11 July 2017 by Erica

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Sushi is a meal that has an acquired taste for a lot of people. However, what you need to realize is if you get the taste you will know it is going to be important to know know about the best sushi restaurants in town. We took this into account and have ranked the top 7 sushi bars in Seattle. 

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  • 7. Shiro's Sushi @shirosseattle -

    If you are looking for a sushi restaurant that is one of the best you cannot bypass Shiro's Sushi. This is a place that has some great food and fantastic atmosphere, but it does have new owners. The place has an omakase menu you will have to work your way through to really enjoy some great sushi.

  • 6. Garden Sushi @GardenSushi -

    Garden Sushi is a place you will fall in love with because of the high quality of the food, but also the fantastic story behind the building of the restaurant to what it is now. Our favorite from Garden Sushi is the pot stickers. 

  • 5. Mashiko Restaurant @Mashiko-Restaurant -

    When you look at a place that has sustainability in mind you will look at Mashiko. This is a place you will fall in love with because it makes it easier for you to know the restaurant is not taking resources that cannot be replenished. Our favorite from here is the sashimi of crab, scallop, and some prosciutto mixed in. 

  • 4. Billy Beach Sushi and Bar @BillyBeachSushiAndBar -

    Are you looking for a laid back atmosphere to enjoy some great sushi you will love Billy Beach Sushi and Bar. This is a place that has some great food and an atmosphere that will be very informal compared to what you are used to. Our personal favorite from here is sake brushed tuna. 

  • 3. Sushi Kappo Tamura @SushiKappoTamura -

    If you have been to Japan then you know it takes the sushi chefs years to master the craft. Sushi Kappo Tamura is very fortunate to have a Japanese trained sushi chef, who was born in Kyoto at the helm, but also to have an abundance of local seafood they use on the menu. 

  • 2. Kisaku Sushi @kisakuseattle -

    Kisaku Sushi is a place you will fall in love with once you have started to eat sushi. The place has a wide choice of food, but if you are in the Seattle region in the summer months we highly recommend trying out the spot prawns. 

  • 1. Musashi's @musashis -

    Musashi's is a very small place, that does not have a lot of seats, but the line in the place will prove just how popular this Seattle sushi bar is. The place has plenty of options for food, but the best one to get is the chirashi bowl, which gives you a wide selection of fish to eat from. 

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