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Top 7 Sushi Bars - Orlando

Posted on 24 August 2017 by Beth

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Sushi Katana

Sushi is one meal that some people will say is quite an acquired taste. However, what you will find is this is a great meal and one that is very enjoyable when you are on vacation. This is why we are going to rate the top 7 sushi bars for you to enjoy when you are in Orlando.

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  • 7. Shakai Sushi Lounge @ShakaiSushiLounge -

    Shakai Sushi Lounge is a place that has some great food and definitely is going to have a nice atmosphere go to along with the food as they are perfectly balanced with each other. With the location you will find the octopus as being one of the most amazing presentations you can find. 

  • 6. Tokyo Japanese Sushi Bar & Grill @Tokyo-Japanese-Sushi-Bar-Grill -

    Tokyo Japanese Sushi Bar & Grill is a place that has some great atmosphere. However, it is definitely a place that has plenty of food for you to drink as well. We could not really narrow down our favorite dish from here because we simply loved it all. 

  • 5. The Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar @The-Cowfish-Sushi-Burger-Bar-Orlando -

    The Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar is a great location that has a lot of great food and a wide variety of options that you are going to enjoy. The dish that you have to try from Cowfish is the Burgushi which is amazing. 

  • 4. Sushitomi @Sushitomi -

    Sushitomi is a very small place that you are going to enjoy, but you need to realize the size that is here is going to be cramped. So you will want to make sure you know about the size that is small at times. The dish that we love from here is the Sashimi. 

  • 3. Amura Sushi @AmuraRestaurant -

    Amura is an experience that you will not want to miss out on. The restaurant has some of the best food as well for the Japanese cuisine. However, what is mind blowing in the sushi that is amazing. Our favorite dish from Amura Sushi is any of the dishes as we have found they tend to use the freshest possible seafood. 

  • 2. Ta-Ke Sushi @takesushibar.lakeivanhoe -

    Ta-Ke Sushi is a fantastic place that has some good atmosphere, but also a great location you will enjoy as well. What we really love from Ta-Ke Sushi is the octopus that is prepared like an expert. 

  • 1. Sushi Katana @sushikatanaorlando -

    Sushi Katana is a very beautiful restaurant that has some high class sushi that everyone is going to love. The place even has some excellent atmosphere that you can enjoy as well. The dish you will want to try from Sushi Katana is the cucumber aki roll. 

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