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Top 7 Sushi Bars - New York City

Posted on 11 March 2017 by Bridget

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Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar

When you are looking at different places to eat in New York City you will notice a wide range of restaurant selections. However, if you narrow down the choice to a sushi bar you should make sure you choose the best one. To help you out, we have decided it was time to rank the top 7 sushi bars in New York City. 

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  • 7. Morimoto @starrrestaurant -

    Morimoto is recognizable because of the name of the chef. Yes, the same chef off of Iron Chef owns this location and serves the same high end Japanese Cuisine you will absolutely fall in love with. Our favorite dish at the pricey, but excellent restaurant is a tie between the Oh-Toro or Fatty Tuna and the Unagi which is the fresh water eel. 

  • 6. Tomoe Sushi @Tomoe-Sushi -

    Tomoe Sushi is a location that has some of the premier sushi that we love. The location is on Thompson Street and it is a great location that is going to have some great atmosphere for you to use. Our favorite dish here is the Tako-Su which is a great octopus in vinegar sauce. 

  • 5. Sushi Zo @Sushi-Zo-NYC -

    Sushi Zo has reached the East Coast and has brought some of the love of the LA location to NYC. So you have a great chance to enjoy some great food and fantastic camaraderie. Our favorite menu dish from here is the Omakase which is a great sampling of what the chef prepared. 

  • 4. Tanoshi Sushi Sake Bar @Tanoshi.Sushi.Sake.Bar -

    Tanoshi is a great sushi and sake bar that you are going to fall in love with. This location has great charm and has an authentic oriental feel to it. Our favorite meal item off of the menu is Omakase Sushi, which is the chefs choice of the day, which means you get a great meal that the chef is looking for. 

  • 3. Sushi of Gari 46 @SushiOfGari46 -

    Sushi of Gari is a place that has some excellent food and is in a very easy to find location that makes it a popular destination for people. Our favorite dish from the menu is the Sushi Deluxe from the sushi bar menu. 

  • 2. Beyond Sushi Union Square @beyondsushi -

    This is a location that has some stunning food and great atmosphere as well. What is even better is the restaurant has a wide selection of foods that you can select. Our favorite dish is the Mighty Mushroom Sushi Rolls that are on the menu. 

  • 1. Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar @eatblueribbon -

    Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar definitely lives up to the name of Blue Ribbon. This is a sushi bar that has some stunning dishes and great atmosphere as well. It is easy to see why this sushi bar is our number one choice. Our favorite dish off of the menu comes from the surf and turf platter. 

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