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Top 7 Sushi Bars - Cincinnati

Posted on 13 April 2017 by Kim

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Cincinnati is the Queen City and easily a gem in the Midwest. However, what you need to realize is the food scene on Cincinnati is evolving and starting to have a variety of cuisines available. One of those is sushi, so we have went out and ranked the top 7 sushi places in Cincinnati. 

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  • 7. Green Papaya @Green-Papaya -

    Green Papaya has something for everyone that is looking for a new and unique food in Cincinnati. The great atmosphere and safe location make this a great location. Our favorite menu item is the green papaya roll.

  • 6. Mr. Sushi @MrSushiCincinnati -

    A very sleek and modern place is what you will find at Mr. Sushi. This is a place that has the modern food to match the atmosphere. Our favorite from the menu is the vegetable roll combination.

  • 5. Sung Korean Bistro @SungKoreanBistr -

    A bistro is not something you would normally think about when it comes to Sushi, but this is a great place to go and get the sushi that you are going to love and enjoy. At Sung Korean Bistro the atmosphere is great, but the food is stunning. Our favorite dish from the menu is the lunch tray special that helps fill us and the office up. 

  • 4. Wild Ginger @Wild-Ginger-Cincinnati -

    Wild Ginger is a place that reminds you a lot of the Asian bistro style restaurants and we have to say that we can completely understand why. The place is great and the atmosphere is neutral compared to some of the places. Our personal favorite dish from Wild Ginger is the Eel as you cannot find this menu item at a lot of places.

  • 3. Izen's Drunken Bento @Izens-Drunken-Bento -

    Izen's is a great place that is close to the University of Cincinnati. However, the students tend to be a lot more calm than what you would think. Our personal favorite at this location is the ginger salad and the Sunday Morning Roll.

  • 2. Kaze @kazeotr -

    Kaze is a place that may make you remember some of the great times you would have in Japan on vacation. Throw in the traditional feel of the place and you will have some great food and atmosphere. Our favorite menu item from here is the tuna sashimi. 

  • 1. Fusian @eatfusian -

    Fusian is a great place that has several locations in Cincinnati all within easy driving distance of almost any part of Cincinnati. The atmosphere is great and the food on the menu is great. Our personal favorite from the menu is the seaweed, salmon, with green onion and sour cream with some siracha sauce.

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