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Top 7 Steakhouses - San Diego

Posted on 22 February 2018 by Karen

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Eating a steak dinner is definitely something you will want to do when you are traveling. However, what you need to realize is a city like San Diego has a tendency to have quite a few great restaurants for you to select from that serve some amazing steak dinners. That is why I have went out and ranked the top 7 steakhouses in San Diego. 

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  • 7. Lou & Mickey's @LouandMickeys -

    Come in for a steak dinner and leave after a cocktail. This place has some great meals to enjoy and have some great food. The best meal from here is going to be the rack of lamb. 

  • 6. Hunter Steakhouse @Hunter-Steakhouse -

    Nothing is going to beat customer service when it comes to a restaurant. When you are at Hunter Steakhouse you will notice the customer service is some of the best you can find. Throw in the great flavor of the steaks and you have a great restaurant to eat dinner at. 

  • 5. Cowboy Star @cowboystar -

    This is a place that really lives up to the Cowboy name. It is a place that has some great food and an amazing atmosphere as well. What I have to say if you want a great steak that has a lot of food then you need to check out the Cowboy Steak.

  • 4. Greystone Prime @GreystoneSteakhouse -

    This restaurant is one of those places that you are going to like as a couple or for a business meeting, but probably not the family with kids. However, the food and atmosphere works great for the other two. I will tell you that I love the wagyu that you can find here. 

  • 3. Gaslamp Strip Club @gaslampstripclub -

    The Gaslamp Strip Club is a great place that you are going to have as unique experience. You just order your steak and they bring the meat to you and you grill it yourself. They do provide you guidelines on how to prepare the food and guarantee it is going to be cooked safely.

  • 2. Donovan's Steak and Chop House @DonovansSanDiego -

    Donovan's is a great place that you are going to really like because it has some amazing food and excellent atmosphere as well. The place has one of the best filets that I have ever had. 

  • 1. Saska's Steakhouse -

    When you want to go to a place that has some amazing food then you will want to check out Saska's Steakhouse. The place has a great atmosphere as well and this is definitely something that I like as well. However, the steak to order is the Duke. 

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