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Top 7 Steakhouses - New York City

Posted on 26 December 2017 by Bridget

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Old Homestead Steakhouse

New York City is a great place to go for a tourist. However, with all the restaurants in the city it is nearly impossible to figure out which one of the places is going to offer you the best place to hit up possible. This is very true when you are looking at all the different steak restaurants in town. 

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  • 7. Sparks Steakhouse @SparksSteakHouse -

    Since it opened in 1966 Sparks has had some great food and been known for being a very high class location to enjoy some great food. The food that we are going to really recommend from here is the beef scalloppini.

  • 6. Keens Steakhouse @KeensSteakhouse -

    Do you want to have a great meal and a good atmosphere? If you do then you need to check out Keens Steakhouse. What you will love from here is the prime sliced sirloin steak that taste great and has a fantastic amount of food. 

  • 5. NYY Steak @NewYorkYankeesSteakhouse -

    If you are Mets fan you will not like this place, but if you are a Yankees fan you will feel right at home. This place has some great pinstripe memorabilia you are going to love, but also going to have some great food. The filet mignon is the best steaks that you can find.

  • 4. Club A Steakhouse @clubasteakhouse -

    Club A Steakhouse is a great place you are going to like because it has some great food and amazing meals. This place is another Zagat rated location that has a wider selection of steaks you can easily order from. 

  • 3. Wolfgang's Steakhouse Park Avenue @Wolfgangs-Steakhouse -

    Wolfgang Puck is a very famous chef and definitely one that people from all over the world can identify with. When you are eating here it will be easy for you to find the best steaks possible and cooked to perfection each time. 

  • 2. Benjamin Steakhouse @BenjaminSteakhouse -

    Finding an amazing steakhouse is going to be hard to do, but at Benjamin Steakhouse you will find the place is great and a Zagat rated location. We personally love the fact this place has amazing steaks that are dry aged and the food is great as well. 

  • 1. Old Homestead Steakhouse @OldHomestead -

    When you are looking for a very classic steakhouse you cannot go wrong with Old Homestead Steakhouse. This place has been around since 1868 and has managed to survive all types of situations. The steakhouse has a dark wood interior, which is nice, but the steaks are amazing. What you will love from here is the prime rib.

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