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Top 7 Steakhouses - Maui

Posted on 17 August 2017 by Aaron

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Cafe O Lei

When you are on vacation you need to realize it can be a challenge because you are not used to finding a place to eat in a new town. However, we know this challenge often leads to you finding the wrong restaurant to eat at and easily overpaying for the food. To help you avoid a major mistake in steakhouses while vacationing in Maui we have ranked the top 7 steakhouses in Maui.

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  • 7. Kimo's @KimosMaui -

    Kimo's is a place that is amazing with the views that you get. The ocean is literally just a stones throw away. The place is known more for seafood, than steaks, but we love the prime rib they serve here as it is an amazing dish.

  • 6. Duo Steak & Seafood @FourSeasonsResortMaui -

    Located in the Four Seasons Resort in Maui you have Duo. This is a place that is very upscale, but it has the food and the atmosphere to back up why it is such a high end place. We personally love the elegance of the food combined with the open air seating. 

  • 5. Makawao Steakhouse @makawaosteakhouse -

    If you want to go to a place that has some very attentive staff to your needs and some great food you will want to go to Makawao. This place has some amazing food and just the name alone will remind you are in Maui, not anywhere else. A great place to go to and have a nice prime rib dinner from. 

  • 4. Ruth Chris Steakhouse @RuthsChrisSteakHouseNational -

    Ruth Chris Steakhouse is another chain restaurant, but they are well known for having amazing steaks. The atmosphere is a little on the higher end for Maui, but the food makes this worth the headache. Either way you will enjoy the strip steaks that are on the menu here. 

  • 3. Son'z Steakhouse @SonzSteakhouse -

    Son'z Steakhouse is an amazing place to go to and eat. The food is good and reasonably priced compared to a lot of places on Maui. What else is amazing about Son'z is the fact this is a place that has a bone in rib-eye that is out of this world. 

  • 2. Outback Steakhouse @outback -

    Outback is one of those types of chain restaurants, but it is an amazing steakhouse that is found in Maui. The place has some great food and the atmosphere goes along great with the location. We have to admit, it is hard figuring out which steak to get from here because they are all great. 

  • 1. Cafe O'Lei @CafeOleiRestaurants -

    Cafe O'Lei is a great place that you will enjoy because it has some of the finest steak preparations around. However, it also has some fantastic atmosphere to go along with its name. The food that you are going to like here and that we love is the excellent and properly prepared New York Strip steak. 

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