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Top 7 Steakhouses - Denver

Posted on 23 February 2018 by Barrie

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Guard and Grace

Nothing beats eating a steak for dinner, except when you are traveling and the steak is coming from a high end restaurant. Well, that part could just be me, but I have to admit I love steak houses and enjoy eating at them. That is why I have decided to help share the things I love the most about Denver by sharing what I feel are the top 7 steakhouses in Denver.

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  • 7. The Palm @PalmRestaurantDenver -

    The cuts of beef you get from here are simply put good. The size of the portions is amazing and what is really nice is the fact the place has a great staff that helps you out. The potatoes au gratin is something you definitely have to try. 

  • 6. Citizen Rail @CitizenRail -

    With the location being right next to the Kimpton it is very easy to see this is going to be a popular place for traveling business people and families. However, the food is going to stand up to the test as well as it is out of this world good. I like the venison chops from here. 

  • 5. The Fort @TheFortRestaurant -

    This is a place that is outside of the city limits, but it is a place that has some great food. The place has an amazing atmosphere you will enjoy as well. If you can try to get a patio seat and enjoy a buffalo ribeye. 

  • 4. Elway's @ElwaysSteakhouse -

    If you want to go to a place that was founded by the Denver legend. The place is known for excellent service and did not disappoint me. The bone-in New York Strip steak is completely amazing.

  • 3. Buckhorn Exchange @BuckhornExchange -

    This is a classic place that is going to stand out from everything you would want to have. The place calls on the history of Denver and the beautiful past the city has and is the oldest steakhouse in the city. The Buffalo Prime Rib is definitely a meal to try out.

  • 2. Bastien's @bastiens -

    Bastien's is a place that has a lot of the older world steak house type of charm you would love. The place has a quality of meat that you would want to get as well. I have to admit the steak that I love from here is the sugar steak that is simply amazing.

  • 1. Guard and Grace @GuardandGraceDenver -

    With plenty of wood fired grills around you will find a place that just screams steakhouse. This is what makes Guard and Grace an amazing place to go to. What is great about this place is the filet that is a step above everything we have had.

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