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Top 7 Steakhouses - Houston

Posted on 2 November 2017 by Roger

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Taste of Texas

Nothing beats getting to sit down and enjoy a fantastic steak while you are traveling. However, what can be an issue is when you are in a city like Houston, the steakhouses are going to be numerous. Which one of these places is the best though? Well, you are about to find out as I have went out and enjoyed some great steak to rank the top 7 steakhouses in Houston. 

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  • 7. Pappas Bros Steakhouse @PappasBrosDowntown -

    If you want a very hip and trendy place to go to and eat some great steaks from, then you will have to check out Pappas Bros Steakhouse. The place has a great atmosphere and will make it easier for you to have a great meal. What we really love with this location is the fact that it offers some amazing combinations of food with the wine.

  • 6. Lynn's Steakhouse @Lynns-Steakhouse -

    A great establishment that is family owned. We personally love the fact this is family owned and it is not that bad to go to either for atmosphere. The steaks that we love the most is the tenderloin medallion.

  • 5. Perry's Steakhouse & Grille @PerrysDining -

    With a great jazz band that is live most of the time, you will find Perry's Steakhouse and Grille. The place has an amazing atmosphere with the live band. What else is great is the food and I personally love the bone-in ribeye.

  • 4. III Forks @iiiforkshouston -

    III Forks is a great place to sit down and enjoy some food. The place has a trendy type of location you can enjoy as well with some good steaks that are French inspired.What we love is the Tomahawk Ribeye.

  • 3. Steak 48 @Steak48 -

    A modern look is what you will find in this steakhouse. The place has some great foods and amazing seating as well because of the fantastic way it looks. The dessert is a great follow up to the steaks as we love the red velvet bread pudding.

  • 2. Brenners Steakhouse @BrennersSteak -

    Brenners is a historic, but very upscale location that has some amazing steaks. We really love the fact that Brenners has the history to make you know they know how to do steaks. No matter what you will want to skip over the salad and go straight to the steaks. 

  • 1. Taste of Texas @TheTasteofTexas -

    Taste of Texas is simply a taste of everything that is good and proves that everything is bigger in Texas. We simply love the steaks and desserts that are here. We love the fact the place has an on-site butcher shop as well and really love the Texas steak.

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