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Top 7 Shows In Las Vegas 2018

Posted on 8 January 2018 by Mike

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Blue Man Group

Las Vegas is so much more than gambling and casinos. It is a place that has a lot of shows that you can enjoy and will not normally see anywhere else in the world. Since this is the case, even if the shows are being held in the casino, we decided it was time to rank what I feel are the top 7 shows in Las Vegas.

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  • 7. Carrot Top -

    Carrot Top is a great comedian and when you are able to get past the commercials he did for a computer company you will see he is talented. I have to say his comedy routine is meant for adults, but it is funny nonetheless. 

  • 6. Jan Rouven: Illusions -

    While this show is more about the death defying stunts, it is still a show that will present you with the magical experience you want to have. Jan Rouven, who is younger, has managed to impress the crowds and really has started to defy the death traps that he seemingly should not escape from. 

  • 5. Penn And Teller -

    Magic is always a great thing to watch and when you are in Vegas, outside of how your money magically disappears, you will find Penn and Teller to be great. This is a show that will completely blow your mind and make it interesting for you to go out and see the area like you never imagined.

  • 4. Vegas! The Show -

    If you are a lover of history this is a show that you will simply find delight in. This is a show that will take you through the history of Las Vegas from the 1950's forward and does it in a very delightful way. 

  • 3. Terry Fator -

    Terry Fator of America's Got Talent fame has an amazing show in Las Vegas. His show really involves dummies quite a bit, but when you see his act and experience his show first hand you will not be disappointed in the show or the jokes. 

  • 2. Cirque Du Soleil -

    This is one act that you have to see when you are in Vegas. When you see this act, you will find the pageantry and the way the act is put together is simply amazing and definitely something you are going to enjoy immensely because this show is amazing.

  • 1. Blue Man Group -

    The Blue Man Group is a great show and one that will involve singing, lights, and a lot of action. You will simply love this show for the excellent band that has been popular in the past and has found a great niche market in Vegas.

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