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Top 7 Seafood Restaurants - Washington DC

Posted on 12 October 2017 by Adam

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Joes Seafood

When I am traveling, I tend to eat at some of the restaurants I would usually have avoided when I am at home. One of those types of restaurants are the seafood restaurants, that I like to eat at, but at the same time consider to be expensive. However, if you want to eat at a seafood restaurant you should learn about the top 7 seafood restaurants in Washington DC that we have ranked here. 

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  • 7. Fiola Mare @FiolaMareDC -

    Fiola Mare is a great Italian restaurant, but it has a very strong focus on the seafood aspect of Italian cooking. We personally love the atmosphere and the lure of the seafood mixed perfectly with the wine. 

  • 6. Horace & Dickies Seafood @HoraceAndDickies -

    Horace and Dickies is a very unassuming place and a smaller location. This just adds to the treat because it is not an upscale place requiring a suit and tie. Personally we love this, but throw in the fish combo meals and you have a dish that you cannot overlook.

  • 5. Grillfish @GrillfishWDC -

    Grillfish is a great place to eat with some fantastic outdoor seating if the weather permits. The food smells will really draw you in and make your mouth water, but once you sink your teeth into our favorite dish the seafood chowder you would see why we love this place.

  • 4. Lukes Lobster Penn Quarter @LukesLobster -

    When you look at Luke's you will find the counter serving is great and will remind you of Maine. However, what really brings you back to Maine is the lobster and the rolls that are out of this world. 

  • 3. Legal Seafoods @LegalSeaFoodsWashingtonDC -

    Legal Seafoods is an upmarket type of place with a great atmosphere that is somewhat trendy and relaxing at at the same time. Once you get past the amazing atmosphere you will love the fried clams.

  • 2. Hot N Juicy Crawfish @hotnjuicycrawfishDC -

    Bringing a touch of the Cajun style food to Washington DC is Hot N Juicy Crawfish. The place is amazing and has some great food selections in an atmosphere that is laid back. What we love from here is the friend shrimp that is great.

  • 1. Joes Seafood, Prime @joesstonedc -

    In a very upmarket place you will find Joe's Seafood. This place has a great selection and a fantastic setting in the 2 story restaurant. The place is amazing and has great food as well. My personal favorite dish is the great large stone crab. 

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