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Top 7 Seafood Restaurants -St Louis

Posted on 2 December 2017 by Cameron

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Broadway Oyster Bar

Saint Louis has some great seafood options. Some of the seafood options are not going to be what you are usually expecting. However, what you need to realize is this is a city that has some fantastic places that are going to really make your taste buds water. Since this is the case, I have narrowed down all the seafood places in Saint Louis to the top 7 seafood restaurants in Saint Louis.

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  • 7. Vin de Set @vindeset -

    Vin de Set as the name kind of gives it away is a good French style restaurant for you to go out and enjoy. What is really great is the sweet-potato Salmon bisque. 

  • 6. Drunken Fish @DrunkenFish -

    Drunken Fish is a great place to go to and have some great places to go.The place has some great sushi and that is what really landed the place on our list. When you go here you have to try the Spider Roll. 

  • 5. Farmhaus @ -

    Farmhaus has some great food that we really love from here. The location even has some great grilled blue prawns that are cooked perfectly and easily washed down with some great drinks. 

  • 4. The Royale @royalestl -

    The Royale is a place you are going to love because it is definitely going to be a great place to go out and visit for a fantastic meal. What is simply amazing from here is the fish tacos. 

  • 3. Molly's in Soulard @mollysinsoulard -

    Molly's is a place that has some great food that you are going to like because it has a great taste to it. What is amazing here is the BBQ shrimp that has some great food flavors to it.

  • 2. Mission Taco Joint @Mission-Taco-Joint-Soulard -

    Mission Taco Joint is a great place you are going to like because it has Mexican food, but it has Mexican seafood that is simply out of this world. The baja fish tacos are a great go to fish dish.

  • 1. Broadway Oyster Bar @OysterBarStl -

    Eating at an oyster bar is going to be a great place to go to and have some amazing food. What we really love from Broadway Oyster Bar is the alligator, which is a taste you may have never experienced before. 

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