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Top 7 Seafood Restaurants - Nashville

Posted on 26 August 2017 by Danielle

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Seafood is a food that people tend to enjoy, but when they are in a landlocked area, they may not think about eating at a seafood restaurants. However, if you are in Nashville you need to realize the city has a lot of great food and that includes some fantastic seafood for you to enjoy as well. Since this is the case, we have ranked the top 7 seafood restaurants in Nashville. 

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  • 7. Cock of the Walk @Cock-Of-The-Walk -

    Cock of the Walk is a great restaurant that may remind you of Cracker Barrel in some regards with the rocking chairs and friendly atmosphere. The one thing that you will love about here is the fried catfish that is amazing. 

  • 6. Henrietta Red @Henrietta-Red -

    Henrietta Red is a chic style location, but it is a place that has taken and elevated the seafood to a level the city of Nashville deserves. What you have to try out when you are at Henrietta Red is the trout that is out of this world. 

  • 5. Fin & Pearl @finandpearl -

    If you want to sit in a place that will remind you of the sea, but you are stuck in Nashville, then you need to check out Fin & Pearl. This is a restaurant that has a great inspiration from the seaside, but also has some of the fantastic food to go along with it. Our personal favorite dish from Fin & Pearl is the lobster that is made to perfection.

  • 4. Louisiana Seafood Company @louisianaseafoodcompany -

    Louisiana Seafood Company is a place that you may associate more with Louisiana, but you need to realize it has reached up to Nashville and still has the same great food that you will enjoy. What you will love from here is the quick bites that you can get as they are out of this world amazing. 

  • 3. Marsh House @MarshHouse -

    Chef John Besh has managed to reach out from his NOLA roots to open up Marsh House. This is an amazing seafood restaurant that is going to have some of the best food you want to eat. The dish we love from Marsh House is the barbecue shrimp. 

  • 2. Watermark Restaurant @Watermark.Restaurant -

    A place with some very modern decor and excellent food choices is what you will find at Watermark here. This place has even elevated the Southern comfort food to the amazing level, if that was possible before. The dish that we love from here is the seared Atlantic Salmon.

  • 1. Urban Grub @UrbanGrub -

    Urban Grub is a place that has some rustic feels to it and this is going to make it a place that you can enjoy. However, what is really nice about Urban Grub is the extensive raw food bar that is available. The dish that we love is the shrimp and grits.

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