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Top 7 Seafood Restaurants - Miami

Posted on 25 September 2017 by Sandy

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Lar Mar

Miami is a beautiful city and it is definitely one of those cities you are going to fall in love with once you have visited it. However, what you need to realize is Miami also has quite a bit of tradition for great seafood. With that being said, we have went out and ranked the top 7 seafood restaurants in Miami. 

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  • 7. Area 31 @Area31Miami -

    Area 31 is a place that you will find some great seafood at. Not to mention the restaurant even has options for vegan and gluten individuals as well. The atmosphere is nice for a restaurant as well. With Area 31 this is a place that has some amazing swordfish you are sure to love.

  • 6. The Fish House @thefishhousemiami -

    The Fish House is a great place to go and enjoy the beauty of a restaurant that is amazing, but also one that is going to have some great food for you to enjoy as well. In fact, The Fish House has been voted as some of the best music in Miami for several years now. The dish you will most likely enjoy here is the fried oysters. 

  • 5. Garcia Seafood Grill @ -

    Garcia's has a great location and definitely has a major attraction of being close to the water. What is really nice from Garcia's Seafood Grill is the fact they have some of the best grouper sandwiches you can find in Miami.

  • 4. The Spillover @spillovermiami -

    The Spillover is a nice and very trendy restaurant that you are going to enjoy in Miami. The place has some great food and definitely is a place you will enjoy going to for the seafood. The crab cake sandwiches are definitely something you will enjoy while you are eating at The Spillover. 

  • 3. Rivery Oyster Bar @RiverOysterBar -

    River Oyster is a great place that you are going to enjoy if you like shellfish. However, what is really great about River Oyster Bar is the fact this is a place that uses fresh ingredients. The dish you will love is the gnocchi with the blue crab. 

  • 2. Catch of the Day @CatchofthedayMiami -

    Catch of the Day is a great place that you are going to enjoy because it is a fantastic seafood place that you are going to enjoy for the food. The place has some great food that you are going to enjoy. With the Catch of the Day you will enjoy the fact they have great fresh seafood that is locally caught. 

  • 1. La Mar @La-Mar-by-Gaston-Acurio -

    La Mar is a great seafood restaurant that you are going to love because of its location, but also the way it is set up. La Mar, even without reservations is very quick in the service. What you will really love from La Mar is the octopus. 

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