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Top 7 Seafood Restaurants - Austin

Posted on 16 July 2017 by Mike

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Traveling often means getting the chance to try foods you normally would not eat in a million years. However, when you are in some of the cities you will notice they have so many great restaurants with a dish it is impossible to find the dish you want to get. This is why we have ranked the top 7 seafood restaurants in Austin to make your choice a little bit easier. 

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  • 7. Alcomar @alcomarATX -

    Alcomar is a place that takes the Latin American influence to the max. This is a great seafood restaurant, but it is definitely a place you are sure to love. The dish that we love from Alcomar is the gulf oysters with some great shrimp as well to fill us up all the way. 

  • 6. Quality Seafood @qualityseafoodmarket -

    Quality Seafood is the one of the first seafood restaurants in Austin. With that reputation to uphold it definitely provides you with some great food. We do love the Icelandic Cod that is served here and simply amazing. 

  • 5. Clark's Oyster Bar @clarksoysterbar -

    Clark's Oyster Bar is a great location that you are going to fall in love with. The atmosphere is great and it is definitely a place you will enjoy. Our favorite dish from Clark's is the linguine with clams.

  • 4. Monger's Kitchen @mongersaustin -

    Monger's is one of those places that is going to live up to the name that it has been given in Monger. That is because this is a place that is going to be using fresh seafood from the Gulf for the great food. We personally love the Gulf Red Snapper.

  • 3. Perla's @PerlasSeafood -

    Perla's is a great location that we really love and like because it is an oyster bar, but we also love the outdoor seating that is present. The dish that we love from here is kind of hard to narrow down because they are so great, but we tend to love finding what suits our needs that day because all the food is so good.

  • 2. Eddie V's Prime Seafood @EddieVAustin -

    Eddie V's is a place that has a lot of restaurants and with that comes the quality you would come to expect from a restaurant. The dish we love from the menu is the Chilean Sea Bass. 

  • 1. Garbo's Restaurant @GarbosRestaurant -

    Garbo's is a place that started off with a simple food truck and has blossomed into a full service restaurant. We have to admit, the food quality did not drop when it went to the bigger restaurant. In fact, the food got even better and has made it to have some of the best house smoked salmon we have ever tasted.

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