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Top 7 Restaurants - St. Louis

Posted on 1 September 2017 by Cameron

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Broadway Oyster Bar

Saint Louis is known as the gateway to the West. It is easy to see this holds true when you look at the city and see that it is the major city directly West of the Mighty Mississippi River. With this type of cultural exchange and East meets West going on, it is easy to see they have a lot of great restaurants. With that being the case, I have ranked the top 7 restaurants in Saint Louis.

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  • 7. Cielo Restaurant & Bar @CieloStLouis -

    Located in the Four Seasons, right by the arch you will find the upscale, but trendy Italian restaurant Cielo. This place is great for the food it offers, but also the choices off of the menu. The dish that will knock your socks off is the tuna salad, but almost anything on the menu is great. 

  • 6. One 19 North @one19north -

    One 19 North is a great place for some wine and tapas, which they specialize in. We personally love the laid back atmosphere and the fantastic food you get. When you are here, you have to try the BBQ Shrimp.

  • 5. The Fountain on Locust @FountainOnLocust -

    The older style of the place will make you think that you have found a saloon in the Old West. Instead, you will quickly realize you are in a modern American style restaurant, with some stunning ice cream. Our favorite dish for a meal is The Fountain Cuban.

  • 4. Element @elementstl -

    If you want to enjoy some hip and trendy New American style food then you have to check out Element. This is a place that has some great food, but also some amazing atmosphere in the converted warehouse space. The dish that we love the most is the Louisiana Shrimp Stew. 

  • 3. Fitz's @fitzsrootbeer -

    If you think A&W is good then you have not had Fitz's before. This is a place that is absolutely amazing when it comes to American fare food and root beer. We love the root beer, but enjoy it with the Bottler's Burger. 

  • 2. Boogaloo @BoogalooSTL -

    Boogaloo is a close second place to our first place restaurant. However, it is a place that blends multiple styles of food from Creole, Cajun, and Caribbean to make some stunning dishes. The dish that we love the most is the Cajun Rubbed Beef Tenderloin. 

  • 1. Broadway Oyster Bar @OysterBarStl -

    Broadway Oyster Bar is a great place for you to go in the downtown area of Saint Louis and enjoy some live music, but also excellent food as well. This has led to the Broadway Oyster Bar easily being one of the best places to get food and entertainment from. Our favorite dish from the Cajun style restaurant is the grilled chicken, which is out of this world, but the oysters are a close second. 

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