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Top 7 Restaurants - San Diego

Posted on 29 November 2017 by Karen

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Parma Cucina

San Diego is an amazing city and definitely one you will fall in love with. However, what you will find is the fact the city has some amazing restaurants inside of the city. This is why I have went out and ranked the top 7 restaurants in San Diego for you to enjoy. 

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  • 7. The Cottage La Jolla @TheCottageLaJolla -

    The Cottage is a great place that has some amazing food and an excellent breakfast and brunch style of food. I have to admit, my favorite dish from here is the country style French toast.

  • 6. Ballast Point Tasting Room and Kitchen @BallastPointTemecula -

    Ballast Point is a great bar combination with a classic American dish menu. What is amazing is the food quality you can get from here. The downside is it is bar type of food, but the food is excellent.

  • 5. Piatti @ -

    Piatti is a great Italian restaurant that has some amazing food for you to enjoy and what is even better the food has the takeout option as well if you want to get some food on the go. The dog friendly patio is another aspect that I really love about Piatti, but the chicken sandwich is simply amazing.

  • 4. The Mission Restaurant @The-Mission-SoMa-East-Village -

    The Mission Restaurant is one that will have a lot of the dishes you would come to expect for a great American style cafe restaurant. What is really nice is this place has embraced the vegan style as well and has quite a few dishes that are vegan friendly.

  • 3. Blue Water Seafood @BlueWaterSD -

    Blue Water is a great place you are going to enjoy if you like local and fresh seafood. The place is great as well, which can be very good as well. Blue Water has some of the best fish tacos we have ever had before.

  • 2. Hodad's @Hodads1904 -

    Hodad's is a place that has a charming almost laid back atmosphere. However, the place has some great American food you will love as well. The best part about Hodad's is the fantastic burgers you get from here.

  • 1. Parma Cucina Italiana @parmahillcrest -

    Italian food in a beautiful place like San Diego is going to really make you feel good about the location and the food. Param is a great place that makes it easier for you to have a great vacation, but enjoy the food as well. I personally love the Tortellini Pasticciati.

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