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Top 7 Restaurants In Louisville

Posted on 20 January 2017 by Todd

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Harvest Restaurant Louisville

Louisville is a city that is known as a river town and horse racing. However, at Top 7 Travel, we dived a little deeper and found that Louisville should be known for the great restaurants. We have taken it a step further and narrowed down the selection of restaurants to the Top 7 restaurants in Louisville.

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  • 7. Proof On Main @21cLouisville -

    Proof on Main is one of those places that is trendy and stylish at the same time. The food keeps up with the latest trends, but it is going to be more of the American style dishes for all the major meals of the day that lands Proof On Main on our Top 7 list.

  • 6. Mojito Tapas @MojitoTapasLouisville -

    High quality Latin American and Spanish food in Louisville? Yes, it is not a dream Mojito Tapas has excellent food that you can enjoy any time of the year, but with the Latin twist it makes some great food that you simply would not expect in this Midwestern style town.

  • 5. Heart and Soy @HeartAndSoyRoots -

    Vegetarians can finally rejoice as their is a very upscale and trendy restaurant that suits their needs. Heart and Soy is a location that has some of the best vegetarian dishes that you can find and enjoy eating time and time again, even if you never thought about eating vegetables before. 

  • 4. Volare Italian Restaurant @VolareLou -

    Italian food is a dietary staple of any location and when you look at Louisville the must stop place for Italian is Volare. Volare has the authentic Italian feel that you want, but the top quality food you will enjoy each time you come back to Louisville.

  • 3. The Mayan Café @TheMayanCafe -

    Mayan food may not be the first thing you think of in Louisville, but after stopping at The Mayan Cafe it will be. The cafe has the best local foods around, but also have the foods that are going to leave you wanting more of what is in season.

  • 2. Jack Fry's @jackfryslouisville -

    Jack Fry's has been open since 1933 and been refining quality food in Louisville ever since. The location serves mainly the Southern style menu, but they even have some of the specialized seafood dishes that you are going to fall in love with. 

  • 1. Harvest Louisville @HarvestLouisville -

    The local food movement has taken a strong hold on Harvest Louisville. Eighty percent of the food you get was grown or raised within 100 miles of the restaurant. Throw in the fact that Harvest Louisville has a variety of menu options and you can easily see why it tops our list for best restaurants in Louisville. 

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