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Top 7 Restaurants In Kansas City

Posted on 29 November 2017 by Alex

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Jack Stacks BBQ

Kansas City is a great city for steaks, but what you need to realize in addition to the great steaks you also have some amazing option when it comes to the variety of restaurants and styles you can select from. Since this is the case, I have decided to go out and find what I feel are the top 7 restaurants in Kansas City.

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  • 7. Arthur Bryants BBQ @ArthurBryantsBBQ -

    From some very humble beginnings you will find Arthurt Bryants has come to be one of the best places to go for BBQ in Kansas City. I love the rib tips with a boulevard pale ale. 

  • 6. Seasons 52 @Seasons52KansasCity -

    Seasons 52 is a place that is a kind of a chain type of restaurant, but it is a lot more upscale than what you would expect. The place has some amazing food and even vegan friendly menu options for you to enjoy. I personally love the Chilean Sea Bass.

  • 5. Lidia's Restaurant @LidiasKansasCity -

    Elegance is something you are going to fall in love with when you are looking at Lidia's Restaurant. This is a very find Italian dining location that will make your mouth water when you are sitting down for the meal. The dish I love the most from here is the lamb chops.

  • 4. Stroud's North @Strouds.North.Restaurant -

    Strouds is a place that has quite a bit of atmosphere that will make you love the down home feel of the place. The best dish on the menu is the fried chicken you can enjoy eating time and time again.

  • 3. Bristol Seafood Grill @BristolKC -

    Bristol Seafood Grill is a great place to go if you want to have some great seafood in the middle of the country. The place has some amazing dishes and a nice atmosphere to go along with the place. When here the dishes that I love is the oysters. 

  • 2. Grunauer @grunauerkc -

    Following the Central European style of food you will find Grunauer. This is a great place you will love because it definitely has some amazing food and a nice atmosphere. The dish you will have to try from here is the sauerbraten. 

  • 1. Jack Stack BBQ @jackstackbbq -

    The name of this place pretty much give away what it is going to serve. What is amazing is this is a great place to go and have some quality American BBQ. In fact, you will love this place because it is so good and has some great eats. No matter what you have to try the pulled pork sandwich when you are at Jack Stack. 

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