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Top 7 Restaurants In Cleveland

Posted on 10 April 2018 by Bernie

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The Boiler 65

Cleveland is a city that houses the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but also the Cleveland Indians and for some the home that LeBron built. However, what you will want to know about and will discover here is going to be the amazing restaurants that are found in Cleveland. Since that is the case, I have found it to be my duty to let you know about the best places that I find as a score in Cleveland with the top 7 restaurants. 

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  • 7. Blue Point Grille @bluepointgrille -

    Blue Point Grille is a great seafood place for you to enjoy. The food you get from here is amazing and it is definitely worth the amazing quality that you are going to get. I have to admit if you want a stunning dish after the game this is a place to go and make sure you order the gouper.

  • 6. Mabels BBQ @mabelsbbq -

    Soon to be a Cleveland staple you will find Mabels BBQ. This place is a great one for BBQ and definitely a cut above when it comes to the meet you are going to get from the location. I really have to admit I love the brisket from here. 

  • 5. Lola Bistro @lola.bistro -

    The flagship for Iron Chef Michael Symon is going to be found at Lola Bistro. This place has some inventive cuisine and has some great twist on the American cuisine that you never would have thought about before. The dish I love the most is the halibut. 

  • 4. Dante @chefdanteboccuzzi -

    Dante is a great place to go for some amazing pasta and an even better tasting menu. I have to say the atmosphere is not that bad either as you can find the place to be warm and welcoming. 

  • 3. Taza A Lebanese Grill @TazaCleveland -

    Taza is a great place to get some authentic tasting Middle Eastern Food. I have to say this food is great and definitely among the tops, but what is really amazing is the service you get from here is out of this world good. 

  • 2. Momocho @Momocho -

    A great patio to sit at if the weather is nice is what will welcome you at Momocho. This place is a great Mexican style restaurant that definitely gives you the great food you want to have. I personally love the innovative menu and the amazing pecan encrusted trout. 

  • 1. The Boiler 65 @The-Boiler-65 -

    A fairly new location to town, The Boiler 65 is a place that you can enjoy quite a bit for some great tasting food and amazing Cajun type of feel to the place. A unique taste for most people in Ohio is the crawfish, which is a great dish to try out. 

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