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Top 7 Restaurants In Austin

Posted on 25 February 2017 by Mike

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Odd Duck

Austin is a great city and one of the most popular destinations in Texas. When you are looking at this city it will be easy for you to see their are hundreds of restaurants to select from. To make it easier to select a restaurants we have narrowed down the list to the Top 7 Restaurants in Austin. 

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  • 7. Fonda San Miguel @FondaAustin -

    Fonda San Miguel is a place that takes the traditional Mexican cuisine and puts a very modern twist on it. Our favorite dish from the menu is the Carne Asada A La Tampiquena, which has multiple different dishes on the meal, but it is a dish that we really love to eat each time we are at the location. 

  • 6. Uchi @UchiAustin -

    Uchi is a great sushi restaurant that has some of the most creative dishes you can find on the menu. The chef has a great tasting menu for you to sample. However, what you are going to really like and what we like is the daily specials that are constantly changing to keep your tastebuds off guard. 

  • 5. Z'Tejas Mexican @ztejas -

    Z'Tejas is a great Mexican restaurant that is going to give you a chance to get some high quality Mexican food at a great price. Our favorite dish comes from the dinner menu and is the Habanero Chicken Pasta. This is a dish that has the perfect blend of food and spices. 

  • 4. Franklin Barbecue @franklinbbq -

    Franklin Barbecue is the place to be for lunch in Austin. The place sells out quickly and is only open for lunch meals. The downside is their is usually a huge line so make sure you get there early. Our personal favorite is to get the meat by the pound and we get the brisket in most cases with the potato salad on the side for a meal that we know is going to fill us up. 

  • 3. Lenoir Restaurant @lenoiratx -

    Lenoir is a location that has some of the modern twist that you are going to love on the Mediterranean and Indian style of food with a New American type of food. Our favorite dish here is the boiled peanut stew. This stew is the tops that we have had and reminds us of some of the great peanut stews in Africa/ 

  • 2. Bufalina @bufalinapizza -

    Bufalina is a high end pizza restaurant and one that we love eating at. The atmosphere is great and the food is out of this world. Bufalina has a four cheese & bacon pizza that is completely to die for and will keep you coming back for more. 

  • 1. Odd Duck @oddduckaustin -

    Odd Duck has taken and made some great work with the New American style of food. They have even had an updated setting to the contemporary settings that everyone wants to have when eating out. Our favorite dish from the Odd Duck Redfish Cevice, tigers milk, and sweet potato curry. 

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