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Top 7 Places For Breakfast - Nashville

Posted on 22 March 2017 by Danielle

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Frothy Monkey

Nashville is the music city and it definitely shows with how well thought out the city is and planned around music. What you need to realize is the city is well known for great breakfasts as well. With that being the case, you should know about the Top 7 Breakfast places in Nashville. 

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  • 7. Wild Eggs @WildEggsKentucky -

    Wild Eggs is a great location that has a very breakfast style of restaurant name. With that being the case, you will love the Wild Eggs location for the great breakfast foods. Our favorite breakfast dish from here is Crystal's Wild Berry Crepes that drives us nuts! 

  • 6. 417 Union @417UnionTN -

    417 Union is a location that is filled with a lot of history and is something that you are going to really love because of the history that is present. Our favorite dish from 417 Union is the Prime Rib Hash that has some of the best blends of our favorite meals. 

  • 5. Marches Artisan Foods @marcheartisanfoods -

    Marches Artisan Foods is a place that is very nice and has some of the classic style of French food that you may like. Our favorite food from the location is the Shakshouka which is a perfect dish if you are hungry and want some great food.

  • 4. The Nashville Biscuit House @Nashville-Biscuit-House -

    Looking for a classic Nashville eatery that will give you an authentic Southern meal for breakfast? Then you need to check out The Nashville Biscuit House. Our favorite meal is the Homefry bowl that we really love. 

  • 3. Sky Blue Cafe @skybluecafe -

    The Sky Blue Cafe is a place that you are going to really love. The atmosphere is rather quaint and it allows you to relax and unwind before starting your day at work. Our personal favorite dish is Em's Bowl, that has the perfect balance of everything we love in an early morning meal.

  • 2. Biscuit Love @BiscuitLoveNash -

    This is a true Southern Style breakfast restaurant and the name pretty much says it all. The restaurant is a plus for the Southern hospitality as well if you want to have a great place to eat. Our personal favorite dish from Biscuit Love is the Steak & Eggs. 

  • 1. Frothy Monkey @FrothyMonkey -

    Frothy Monkey is a local favorite for a coffee shop in Nashville, but they have some great breakfast options as well. What is really nice is the location serves breakfast menu until 5 PM. Our favorite is the Julie sandwich that is a bagel sandwich with farm fresh eggs, feta, basil and tomato. 

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