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Top 7 Pizza Restaurants - Las Vegas 2018

Posted on 29 December 2017 by Mike

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Pizza Rock

Pizza is one of those meals that are going to work great for a quick bite, but also can be a culinary experience as well. When you are in Las Vegas it is very difficult to figure out which place you should go to for pizza. That is why I have updated our top 7 pizza restaurants list from 2016, to the top 7 pizza restaurants in Las Vegas for 2018.

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  • 7. Flour & Barley @FlourBarley -

    The Big Apple Pizza is definitely one of the best things about Flour and Barley. The place has been around the strip since 2014 and it is definitely a place you will love for the amazing food and great atmosphere. 

  • 6. Secret Pizza -

    This is no longer a secret as it is out. Secret Pizza has a great quality of food and it is definitely going to be something you will enjoy here. What we really love from Secret Pizza is the fact that it is located in the Cosmopolitan hotel, but in a location that is not marked with signs that will guide you to the location. 

  • 5. Amore Taste of Chicago @AmoreTasteofChicago -

    Sports lovers will have a great chance to check out the atmosphere of this sports loving pizza restaurant. So it is a great place to go and catch the games after you have placed your bets. The deep dish pepperoni pizza is amazing from here. 

  • 4. Naked City Pizza @Naked-City-Pizza-on-Paradise -

    Naked City Pizza is a place you will enjoy for a great atmosphere that is almost party like. However, what else is great about Naked City is the fact it was a secret until found on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. What we love from here is the Rebel pizza. 

  • 3. Grimaldis Pizzeria @GrimaldisPizzeria -

    When you are looking for a Brooklyn style pizza that is a chain you will find Grimaldi's to be one of the best places around. What we really love from here outside of the amazing atmosphere and staff is the fact you can build your own pizza.

  • 2. Evel Pie @evelpie -

    Evel Pie is a great place you will love because it is going to have an atmosphere that the GenX people will love, but also the people who are just visiting will enjoy as well. What is really great from here is the Hog Heaven which is simply amazing. 

  • 1. Pizza Rock @PizzaRockLV -

    Pizza Rock is still an amazing place we still love in Pizza Rock. This place has some amazing food that is going to make it one of the best places to go in Vegas for pizza. We still love the brick oven pepperoni pizza. 

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