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Top 7 Pizza Places in Cincinnati for 2016

Posted on 19 July 2016 by Kim

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Deweys Pizza

Cincinnati Pizza scene may not be New York or Chicago when it comes to pizza but the Queen City still has some amazing local Pizza Restaurants. The problem is when you are in Cincinnati and look up pizza online, you are usually inundated with the same chain locations that are found anywhere like Papa Johns, Pizza Hut, and Donatos. However, we know those locations have the same menu no matter where you are, since that is the case we decided you, our readers, deserve better and that is why we have narrowed down the travel list in Cincinnati to the top 7 pizza restaurants for you to try. 

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  • 7. Larosa's @LaRosasPizza -

    When it comes to Cincinnati Pizza chains Larosa's is the clear favorite for locals. The sauce is a little sweeter than most which makes this stand out. Our favorite pizza from Larosa's is the double pepperoni with thin crust.

  • 6. Adriatico's New York Style @Adriaticospizza -

    Close to the University of Cincinnati, which makes it very popular with the college students. What we really like about this location is the fact that it is New York Style. Pizza from Adriatico's would make you think you are sitting down in Times Square. 

  • 5. Pizzelii @Pizzelii -

    The authentic brick oven Neapolitan pizza that everyone in the region tries to imitate. The Margherita pizza is our favorite from Pizzelii as the fresh and amazing pizza is good anytime of the year.

  • 4. Betta's Italian Oven @BettasCornetti -

    With most of the restaurants in the Top 7 Pizza restaurants in Cincinnati we talk mainly about the pizza. Very close to Xavier University and well worth the drive to have great Italian food and amazing pizza.

  • 3. Pieology @pieology -

    Pieology is another location that is close to the University of Cincinnati. However, Pieology is a location that is a step up and has a unique style that they take and own. Great location and it also has some of the unique pizza that we have had. Our Favroite Pieology Pizza is the Smokin' Buffalo Chicken Pizza.

  • 2. Rusconi Pizza @RusconiPizza -

    Rusconi is downtown Cincinnati off of Sixth Street. However, what is most notable about Rusconi's Pizza is the unique intimate setting that will surprise you with how great the Pizza Pie is. Handmade with a thin crust, but it comes with a variety of fresh toppings but our favorite was their Pepperoni Pizza.

  • 1. Dewey's Pizza @DeweysPizza -

    Dewey's pizza takes the crown as our #1 Cincinnati pizza restaurant. Seasonal offerings are always changing so Dewey's always stays fresh and interesting. The seasonal option as of the last time I was at Dewey's is the Backyard BBQ pizza and I have to say that coupled with a couple of their great beers was out of this world.

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