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Top 7 Parks - St. Louis

Posted on 17 September 2017 by Cameron

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Forest Park Saint Louis

Saint Louis has a beautiful river and along with the river comes plenty of parks for you to go and visit. However, what you need to realize is Saint Louis is also a city that has plenty for you to see and do. This often makes it easier for you to find a great trip, but difficult at the same time. That is why I have went out and found the 7 top parks in Saint Louis for you to enjoy.

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  • 7. River Des Peres Park -

    As we mentioned Saint Louis is well known for the river and that is what you get here with this amazing park. You have some great river views and a nice playground, but also some amazing trail to walk down.

  • 6. Tilles Park -

    Tilles Park is a great park that is going to make it easier for you to have a great time. The park has some of the best playgrounds you can find in Saint Louis. However, the park also has a nice spray fountain and a great pond area. 

  • 5. Willmore Park -

    Willmore Park is one area that not a lot of people will take note of, outside of the sports fields. However, this is a park that has some of the finer amenities and even has a natural area that is set aside for people to visit. 

  • 4. Carondelet Park -

    Carondelet Park is one that people have fallen in love with in Saint Louis. The park is one that has a couple of fishing ponds for people to enjoy, but it has some of the best pergolas that are shading some of the docks that are around. 

  • 3. Francis Park -

    Francis Park is one that has a lily pond, but also some great sports courts for the kids to enjoy as well. The park has a nice playground and for the adults who are watching the kids plenty of shade trees around to see the games in and not get to hot. 

  • 2. Lafayette Park -

    When you look at this par you will notice it is even older than our first park. The Lafayette Park is one that has managed to get several old cannons, but also has a pond and even has an older historic home inside of the park. 

  • 1. Forest Park -

    In what has to be one of the oldest parks around is Forest Park. This park was opened in 1876 and has managed to grow to over 1300 acres and includes a athletic fields, 4 museums, and a zoo. This park has something for everyone to do here. 

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