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Top 7 Parks In Phoenix

Posted on 10 March 2018 by Shannon

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Encanto Park

Phoenix is a very beautiful city and it is definitely a place you will want to consider for a vacation. However, if you are traveling with your kids then you will want know about some of the best places to take them to and for a lot of kids that means finding a great park. Since this is the case, I have went out and ranked the top 7 parks in Phoenix.

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  • 7. Eastlake Park -

    This is a park that has quite a bit of history to it. However, it also has plenty of space for the sports venues and it has a great playground the kids are sure to love. 

  • 6. Roadrunner Park -

    This park is one that you will like because it has the Looney Tunes character name. The park is one that you are going to love because it is going to have a great open areas that are going to have plenty of sports areas and it has a farmers market as well. 

  • 5. Civic Space Park -

    When you want to go to a large and expansive park it will be easier for you to go to and see the larger open spaces you would expect with a park. What is really amazing is this park has some of the best sculptures around and it is a sustainable park.

  • 4. Margaret T. Hance Park -

    This park is one that you are going to like because it has plenty of things to do some great things and enjoy. This is when you should know the Margaret T. Hance park is home to quite a few of the cultural centers in the Phoenix area.

  • 3. Papago Park -

    Home to the famous Hole in the Rock formation you will find Papago Park. What else is great about this park and makes it very enjoyable is the fact that it is the home to the Phoenix Zoo as well. 

  • 2. South Mountain Park -

    This park is one that has some commanding views of the city and it will really help you have a great look to the city as well. The park is also 16,000 acres and will make it easier for you to have a great time looking at the wildlife in the area. 

  • 1. Encanto Park -

    Encanto Park is a great place to go fishing and just enjoy the entire family. This is a place that has plenty for you to do, but the highlight is definitely the fishing pond. If you are not into fishing you may find the golf courses and the swimming pool to be more for you.

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