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Top 7 Parks In Nashville

Posted on 14 April 2018 by Danielle

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Centennial Park

Nashville is an amazing city and it is one that has plenty for you to do. However, if you are waiting for the Grande Ole Opry to start, you may want to check out some of the best parks to visit in Nashville to pass some time. So just make sure you check out the top 7 parks that we have ranked in Nashville.

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  • 7. Cheekwood Botanical Gardens -

    While this place is not free, it is a place that you are going to like because it is simply a beautiful garden. The place has plenty of flowers for you to see and enjoy and this makes it even better. 

  • 6. Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park -

    As you can tell any capital city has a lot of things to do. However, what you will like the most is the fact this is a great park for you to enjoy and relax while you are looking for capital tours, or just want to enjoy the sun in Nashville. 

  • 5. Riverfront Park -

    If you want to explore the rivers of Nashville, then you will love Riverfront Park. This park has some amazing views of the river and it is a great park to enjoy some time along the river. 

  • 4. Radnor Lake -

    This is a great place to go in Nashville if you want to connect with nature. This place is one of those that does not allow food, drinks, or pets. So this is definitely a place that you will enjoy a great time to connect with nature.

  • 3. Percy Priest Lake -

    Percy Priest Lake is a place that has an amazing water attraction that you can enjoy. If you are looking for something to do and do not mind getting wet in the summer, then you may try he paddle boarding that is quite a bit of fun. 

  • 2. Percy Werner Park -

    This is a great musicians park. However, what you will find is this place has a great time because it is a large park that allows you to stretch out and enjoy the area because it is simply amazing. 

  • 1. Centennial Park -

    If you want to go to a park that is amazing, then you will love the place that is here. The place is beautiful and it is going to be a great place that you are going to want to go out and visit because it is everything wrapped up into a great space and amazing venues as well.

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